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I wanted to chime in on this because I have posted on this subject, here on the MANE. As some people know my brother is a leukemia survivor. His marrow match was found in a girl in FLA and she saved his life.

I was appalled to learn more people vote on American Idol then have registered to be on the bone marrow registry.

It doesn't cause tons of pain like people say it does.

Please African American men go sign up. There is a dearth of African American bone marrow donors. Black men, women, and kids die because white people don't match them and black people are not on the registry.

Think about how lucky you would be to be a match. Can you imagine being the life blood that saved some kids mom from dying? or a dads son? Thats the type of thing you can take to the grave feeling good about.

Also they need platelettes ( spelling?) . They come out of your blood and are used to help peoples blood start doing its thing again after Chemotherapy.

Sucks because if you take anti inflammatory medicine you can't give them, so it sort of rules my fat ass out.

What an awesome thread! Go out and try and save a life!
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