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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
so long as he's not beating on women, killing folks, running a drug ring or doing something that will land him in trouble with the law,NFL or Broncos then what does it matter?

morality and pro sports rarely mix together. with the way star athletes are marketed nowadays it's like being a movie star.
he did his job, he put in the work and now he's gone on vacation and having a little fun.
some go on missions,some curl up with a nice book,others go out and party.
it's their business, their lives and so long as it doesn't involve a crime or something exceedingly seedy then let him have his fun.
Agree with this. I think it's the image established (and seriously primarily because of the glasses gimmick) being broken that has most upset.

I do also agree he should be exercising more discretion just because it's the intelligent thing to do, though.
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