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Re: Neck Pony Nation!!!

Even at this time, we need to be extreemly vigilant not only against our enemies, but vigilant that our constitution is not compromised any further in a vain attempt at a power grab by the executive branch.

Of course it could be argued that it has been being dismantled for a long time, but recent events underscored and accellerated it.

My Late Father always said, "Every time they pass another law, they take a little bit of our Freedom away from us."

The point is, the most relevant effect of the 9/11 bombing has been increased scrutiny of our own citizens, not any sort of quantum leap in intelligence of either foreign nationals in this country or abroad.

Trust me, when you go to an NFL game, your face is now scanned.

Of course, I doubt many AlQueda terrorists are interested in NFL football, but these are the facts.

And it is truly showing the Owellian Future.
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