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Re: Neck Pony Nation!!!

[quote author=amesj523 link=board=News;num=1014738612;start=345#348 date=07/17/02 at 23:25:58]well mike, i don't consider myself leftist, but i do hate this program... to me it almost sounds...orwellian....  neighbors spying on neighbors next?  That gets around the 4th amendment......

Just food for thought...

and i do have a question:

Left sidedness is supposidly socialist type tendancies by stereotypical definitions..right (follow me on this)...then how would this be considered a 'conservative' approach if traditional republican ideals is smaller gov't -

Just a general question...[/quote]

Who is Mike?

The program won't last past a year or so before its scaled back, but will serve a purpose, letting potential terrorist cells know that they are potentially being watched by everyone. There will be false tips and some ruffled feathers, but I think it will help overall.
If something similar to this was in place pre- 9/11, maybe some lives could have been saved.

Nothing has been traditional in the past 10 months. I think this is more of a stop gap measure until something better is developed. Please don't ask me what that will be, I have no idea.

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