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Originally Posted by TailgateNut View Post
Yep, messing with some of the "sticks in the mud" on the mane is like pulling wings off a fly.

For starters.

As someone who watched my neighbor's 15 daughter be carried out of her house in a body bag after she committed suicide last year my views on that subject have obviously been ramped up. So I just think you are a pos on general purpose for slinging that garbage.

So add that with seeing you basically talk like a boorish ,arrogant moron with a over inflated sense of self worth over the last few years here I've come to feel pretty justified calling you basically anything I deem fit.

As far as for being a "stick in the mud" . Nah I just think you're a loser and going by the stuff I hear around here about you from you and others one thing is for sure . If I woke up tomorrow with your life/disposition you can bet money I'd kill myself... We know you're into that sorta thing.

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