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Originally Posted by barryr View Post
, somehow he knew I was referring to him. But maybe he will hope for more Bronco players to get hurt and wish more Bronco fans to die like he has done, but profess to be such a great Bronco fan and better than most. He just can't control himself and apparently was already banned for this time of stuff recently. Someone who did not learn much being away for a bit, but whatever.

This board has a clique of posters who really are the old men yelling at kids to get off their lawn. They have issues with fans now, with the stadium, with the FO, with the players themselves. So to have people actually like the potential of the young guys on the team offends them. They stick more or less together and repeat the same bullet points ad nauseum. The disdain some of them hold for fans who have watched Tebow at Florida is amazing. Like that never happens with high profile players out of college? How many people who watched Elway at Stanford continued to do so when he became a Bronco and thus became a fan of the team? How often have we heard that in any thread detailing "when we became a fan"?

Its an odd phenomenon to watch.

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