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I’ve read post after post saying, “Tebow is not far enough along yet and should be progressing quicker." Really?

So far his NFL career spans 2 seasons and 14 games, which is not even a full NFL season. If the doubters and haters out there would be give him a break, technically he has 2 more games to go to have 16 starts, all of this done with a new coaching staff this year and no extended reps in training camp. In my opinion that still classifies him as a Rookie.

So what has he done in 14 games?

He was 2-1 last year as a starter, 7-4 this year for an overall record of 9-5. Hmmm… not progressing enough for you?

Okay… So after taking over as starter for a 1-4 team about as down as you can possibly get, he lead the team to a 7-4 record. Not good enough, he should have won more games as a starter right?

He has 6 4th Quarter come from behind wins. Still not enough for all you QB experts?

During one stretch this year he led the Broncos to 3 straight wins over divisional opponents all on the road. Whatever…That doesn’t matter either.

Alright then, he led his team to a playoff berth something that hasn’t happened in 6 years. Yea but the Broncos lost their last 3 games.

Even though the Broncos backed into the playoffs with some bad football the last 3 weeks of the season, “Hey, it’s a whole new season anything can happen right?” Who cares,we’re going to get creamed by the Steelers because Tebow has not “progressed” enough as a passing QB by my standards yet. We need to dump this guy and move on.

Only on the Orange Mane will you get a group of whiny, dissatisfied know-it-all QB experts who would support a certifiable Bum like Orton for 2 ½ years and then condemn a “Rookie” to the NFL gallows after taking one of the worst teams in the NFL from a year ago even if it wasn’t done in a beautiful way to a playoff berth. If he were in any other city in America he’d be getting puts on the back but in here all he gets is a kick in the ass.

For God sakes guys, we’re in the playoffs. I know it doesn’t look good against a strong Steelers defensive team. But Hey that’s why you just keep playing hard and maybe the Steelers have a few breakdowns and we could pull off an upset. It is possible right? Wouldn’t that be amazing? If you throw out all the negative aspects of Tebow’s game which there are many and which have been very well documented repeatedly on this site can’t you at least for 1 week become less of critic and more of fan?

I don’t have any idea if Tebow gets any better or “progresses” as an NFL QB. I have no idea if he’s the QBOF, that well be decided later. All I know is TODAY he led my team to a worthy playoff spot and I hope that we beat the Steelers. This Sunday my Fan Faith will be in full force because it’s GAME ON. GO BRONCOS!!!
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