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Knowshon Moreno

Originally Posted by alkemical View Post
Oh i think he's physically talented - i just don't know if he's a natural passer. Sometimes that talent is important. Maybe a guy like brees has the "knack" for timing and understanding an O - where someone like Orton understands it in the class room - but can't do it on the field.

I just don't view "potential" as limitless. That's all.
understood. and I would agree to a point. However, like I've posted many times lately, I don't believe in "natural passers". I mean Elway had a naturally strong arm that was god given, but the act of footwork, timing, accuracy were trained and drilled. I really believe this.

In fact, TO think that Elway just picked up a football and threw a perfect spiral that was perfectly aimed without being shown how to throw by his dad is actually kind of laughable.

I had some zingers about Aaron Rogers throwing a football over them mountains before he could walk. It's not possible.

Imagine Aaron Rogers grew up being raised by a pack of wolves and just came out of the forrest. Do you really believe wolfboy Aaron could lead the Packers to a superbowl at the same time he was while learning how to wipe his ass with toilet paper?

I think the natural thing is a myth really. I really really do. Once you open up to it, it really does make sense.

I mean if my dad was Archie Manning or Jack Elway and they had me throwing with perfect fundamentals at 6, don't you think I could be a competitive Qb? I'm 6'1" and somewhat coordinated. Don't you think If I trained every day and understood the mental aspects of the game and put in the work that I could possibly pull it off? I do.

Instead I was raised by fat Jews who taught me to overeat and that neurosis was cute and here I am a fat internet nerd with neurosis and manboobs.
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