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Originally Posted by OABB View Post
well, it isn't black and white obviously. I mean a dwarf who works super hard will never be slam dunk champion, so yes, god given abilities is part of the equation. I'm not denying that.

Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf were both physical specimen's. But who worked harder?

WHen the debate was going on about who to draft, I remember watching a special on both QB's. I knew Manning would be the better pick specifically based upon his work ethic and preparation.

Manning is tall, but he is not a great athlete. His physical gifts are his height really. Where he is great is in his accuracy(trained) and his film study. Drew Brees is only 6' and was considered too small to play Qb because he "can't see over the line" but his accuracy(trained) and film study are also very well documented.

There is no perfect formula of course, but hard work is more important than talent in my opinion.

NOw, if you have a gifted athlete who works hard, you have a chance to always improve. This is why I would bet on Tebow and have. To think that Accuracy is somehow bestowed upon you is beyond me. if any of us threw a thousand footballs a day, I am pretty sure we could all throw a football through a tire swing 90% of the time.

There are no extra muscles, or special "brain parts" that I, or any doctor. know of that determines accuracy. There is no "gene" that great QB's are born with.

They do it everyday and work hard. Now, there are certain physical attributes like fast twitch muscles and good eyesight and natural coordination that give some people an edge, but to pretend that they don't need to train is a myth.

The point is that you really need both to be exceptional. Neither is enough in a vacuum.

And back to the point of Tebow, if there are some people that don't think he is athletic naturally, they need to have their heads examined.If he continues to work on his passing he will improve. It's just simple math. He just never ran a pro style offense and he is very raw and his fundamentals are awful.

To count him out after 14 games because of a few bad one's in a row is something reserved for morons.

Oh i think he's physically talented - i just don't know if he's a natural passer. Sometimes that talent is important. Maybe a guy like brees has the "knack" for timing and understanding an O - where someone like Orton understands it in the class room - but can't do it on the field.

I just don't view "potential" as limitless. That's all.
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