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Actually it's more like you either realize he is a project with 14 starts who has performed well at times, and terrible at other's.


you are an irrational idiot who either thinks Elway is sabotaging him or he is a bad qb who will never improve.

just clearing it up for you.

NOw go make another poll thread comparing his bad game to a seven year vet and asking us fan's the difference without even connecting the obvious yourself.
Its pretty clear he is a project, but should a project be the starter? He knew it was going to be difficult for him in the NFL, thats why he has been working with NFL personnel since his last game in Florida to prepare himself. He worked all summer leading up to the draft. After he was drafted he worked hard all offseason, sometimes directly with McD. He played a preaseason, and even got a few games in after McD was fired... Then he had all summer, I understand the lock out was a set back but I'm sure he was studying on his own as much as possible. Then he had another preseason, and the majority of the regular season, and he ended the season looking very poor against the Pats, the Bills, and the Chiefs. He is not improving at a fast enough rate to continue to be the starter. If he wants to continue developing THATS FINE, I just don't think it should be as the STARTING QB of the Denver Broncos.
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