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David Bowens

Originally Posted by NFLBRONCO View Post
He was a stud in high school
He was a stud in college
For the first time ever he's facing failure and not on a team that is one of the most talented ones either.

I listened to the radio yesterday first time in forever. A caller said, one thing that shocked me is last 2 weeks what was supposed to be Tebow's strength firing up the team has been invisable. He also said, he's even hesitating running his bread a butter thing.
Actually, he wasn't a stud in either HS or college. He was consistently told he lacked the passing skills. Apparantly in HS he chose a team that would play him at qb (home schoolers can pick and choose in Fla). Then with Urban Meyer he ran a fairly unique offense that thus far has only produced Alex Smith as a NFL starter. There's no earthly way ((- Tebow could run Harbaugh's or Spurrier's or Patrino's passing offenses.

Even if Tebow becomes good enough to be a NFL starter, he's never gonna be a Brady or Rodgers. The question Fox and Elway have to find an answer to is how can a team with Tebow at qb compete with a offense like the one Indy had that routinely ran Shanny's offense into the ground when it tried to keep up with the scoring. Chi held the Brees' Saints to 14 pts in the 2006 NFC championship, but Grossman had over 3000 passing yards and Jones and Benson had nearly 2000 rushing yds. And the Chi got beaten by the Manning Colts.

Elway apparantly thinks Tebow can maybe be good enough to win a championship. There's no question that in at least two of Elway's Superbowl losses, the other team had a vastly inferior qb. However, the game has changed since then. The last time a defense dominated a title game was when Gannon melted down against his old coach Gruden. 2008 was a defensive gem with the Giants and undefeated Patsy's, but Manning put up two td drives in the 4th qtr with 150 passing yds.
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