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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
All you hair triggers talking about upholding high standards in the first year better apply those high standards consistently.
I cant speak for everyone but I think I am pretty consistent. And Teebs is 2nd year. Lots of 2nd year guys didnt play much their first year. But we dont call them first year players. They practiced with the rest of the team and coaches decided they shouldnt play yet. Some 3rd year guys have the same situation happen to them.

Other "young" guys on this team that I don't think are part of the long term answer and am anxious to find their replacement include Moreno, Larsen, Beadles, Ayers, to name a few. And those are good debates/discussions in each case as other posters in each case (although maybe not Beadles) can and have disagreed. In none of those cases does the conversation devolve into asserting one side just isnt a real Broncos fan or just hates the player (unless jhizz is involved).

In each case I mentioned, I waited to see what they brought to the table and IMO, finding their replacement sooner rather than later is best for the long term prospects on the team. Of course you cant change them all out in 1 off season when you have numerous holes like this team does.
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