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Originally Posted by EmpireOrange View Post
I realize that conversing with you is futile; however, I just want to highlight the stupidity of you gaydorqweefs believing John Elway is rooting against the Broncos. And I love that you Teboners have drawn that line between Elway and Tebow too. That's really going to help you boy out At the end of the day, Bronco fans and Elway will only accept winning and contending for Super Bowls. You can already see it, the boos are already coming out with Tebow's ineptness. Even Elway was raked over the coals after a few super bowl loses, but Tebow can't pass for more than 60 yards and loses at home 7-3 to a division rival in a big game. You already hear calls for Quinn. Hah!, Quinn! God help Tebow should he have another game like the KC game. He's already being traded, but should he put forth a performance like that against Pitt this weekend, the kid going to crushed by the crowd.
Your points in bold.

1. Would you rather lose 7-3 , or like last years Raider game? Its still a loss, against a division rival. but I prefer the 7-3 one. At least there was a chance to win at the end.

2. When did you become the GM, and personnel director? Or are you talking about your FF team?

3. Will you leave when 2 doesn't happen?
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