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Soooooo just to recap:

People who think Tebow is flawless, and think the offense's woes are at the very least all the fault of the team and coaching staff not calling enough pass plays to "let Tebow air it out just like he did for Urban Meyer ZOMG!!!," and at most a conspiracy by the front office to purposely sabotage Tebow because Elway is jealous of the attention he gets are all rational, sound, level-headed "true fans."

People who think Tebow is a poor quarterback and can't beat a defense that stops him from running are liberal, Christian-hating, non-mormon-hating jerk faces who love losing games and want the Broncos to fail at every turn.

Got it.
Yep I think that pretty much sums it up...but are you sure people that think he's a poor QB aren't racist a little bit too? Just some food for thought.
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