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Originally Posted by ol#7 View Post
Tebow is flawed.

Maybe Elway really does have a plan that would net luck by trading Teebs to the Jags.

But this team is best served by having Tebow pan out. Puts us back on track as far as the rebuild. This wasnt and still isnt a very talented team top to bottom.
How dose Tebow panning out puts us back on track? This team is on the right track with or without Tebow panning out. This season has been nothing but gravy. The defense is a player or two from being great. The OL is top 5. And there is enough evaluation on the QBs to make a decision. John Elway has always had a 3 year plan for the franchise to return to its former glory. I'd say with last year's short offseason, this team is way ahead of schedule. If Tebow pans out its would be nice, but I don't think he has the time to pan out. He is too far behind in the QB area to catch up. There are options out there for Denver. If you look at the last 5 or 6 years, college has churnned out 3 or 4 top flight QBs per year. The QBs coming out of college are getting better and better for the NFL game today. We may not get a shot at Luck or RG3 but I think there are other QBs in the draft that nobody is talking about (as much) that could pan out to the next Big Ben even a Tom Brady. Tebow probably will not pan out, or pan out in time for Elway's schedule, but that's not putting the franchise off track by any means. The team is way ahead of schedule and moving in the right direction.
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