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Originally Posted by epicSocialism4tw View Post
...are worse than the UF fan invasion. At least the UF fans are pulling for the Broncos to win. Just sayin'.
First off, nobody who is a Bronco fan is rooting against the Broncos (not one person out there rooted for them to lose to KC. Not one!). However, if you want Tebow to be the QBOF, you're not a Bronco fan, period! Tebowmania has set this franchise back another 3 or 4 years from ever contending for a superbowl. And those that have crossed over and sided with UF fans (who have classlessly attacked the greatest Bronco of all time (even making fun of his teeth!)) are flat out freaking communist. Lastly, I don't think "tebow haters" is the correct term. It's Tebow Fan Haters. Tebow simply can't play. There are a lot of people who can't play QB in the NFL, people don't hate them. Tebow is a good guy, his fans are the most classless in sports and its sickens me that they have been associated with Bronco fans.
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