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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by ChampJesusBailey View Post
Tells me the NFC South and NFC West have good teams atop their division while the AFC West is full of average teams.

I can see why Tebow haters are so negative after the last 3 performances but unless you're like.. going into week 17 with a shot at the 1st pick in the draft, why would anyone ever want their team to lose? Let alone in the playoffs? Do these tards not care about the other players on the roster? Our young defenders and offensive line can't benefit from playoff football? It's stupid.
Yeah, it is absolutely crazy. In fact, I am trying to expose those posters right now and cut n paste every single one of them. For some reason, my search function isn't working correctly as it tells me there is none. Can you do me a favor and get those easy to find posts about these supposed Broncos fans wanting us to lose on Sunday?
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