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tim tebow has averaged 2 turnovers a game for the past 5 weeks....

he hasn't hit on more than 50 percent of his passes in over half of his career starts

I think he's a great guy and I think he's a team leader and he's the kind of guy that you really really want to see have success.... unfortunately for him my love for the broncos supersedes my love of any player.

I use to wish I could play quarterback in the nfl now I just wish Tim could..
The part you left out is that he made the Broncos go from one of the worst rushing teams to the best literally over night.

And those stats you always point to are a product of the system Fox runs and the fact NO one would be protected by the Broncos line.. this is why Fox said Tebow would be screwed in a normal offense.. because ANY QB would on the Broncos.. and Orton had Lloyd and all the prep...

Tebow could do something with this team even with all it's flaws.. and even at Fox's best when he led the Panthers to the Superbowl Delhomme put up terrible numbers then too...
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