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Originally Posted by Broncos4tw View Post
And that is the difference between a fan of players, and a team fan. I supported Orton, but could admit when he was not doing good things for the team, and said "Ok, get rid of him." And I was a fan for Tebow, and now.. since we have seen a body of work during the season, I can say... I don't think he is the guy either. I am a Bronco fan. Not an Orton fan. Not a Tebow fan.

Bronco fans used to be united. Now they are torn up over stupid, inane, pointless bickering over single players. Mostly the QB position. But I am willing to go through 10 QBs or 15 if we have to, until we find the QB of the future of this team. People can dance around the fact all the like, but the truth is that the QB IS the center of the team. The top teams are almost ALWAYS the teams with the best QBs. And it would be worth even dumping an entire draft, to get one of the blue chip players that has an excellent shot at being the next great QB for the franchise.

I don't hate any Bronco player. I didn't hate Orton, or Cutler, or Plummer, or even Griese (although he made me almost cry in frustration). I support any player on the team, but that doesn't mean I am so BLIND by my fanaticism for a QB, that I will conveniently ignore the inconsistencies and problems they have. Tebow is not showing that he is an NFL ready QB. But many fans are so infatuated with the guy, they will submit to YEARS of being a crappy, barely scraping by team, just to keep him on the roster. And woe to any fan that dares question him. No, blame the coaches, the receivers, the game plan, everything except the QB. Guess I'm a hater for being a realist.
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