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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
What was Orton's problem, then? He couldn't throw in Denver but can in KC... or was the defense not good enough for Orton? Can't be that though right?

Because the defense is supposed to be carrying Tebow.. oh... that's right.. the defense only magically showed up when Tebow was starter.. even in the same game when Tebow was made starter against San Diego..
So....the defense didn't like Orton but likes Tebow and therefore we win? Sounds legit.

Note to self: apply for NFL QB. No ability to throw? No problem. Solution: bring cupcakes to the defense's practice.

At absolute best, Tim Tebow can hope to be as competent a QB as Jake Plummer - another running QB with accuracy issues that the players "liked" for awhile. But then again Tebow can't throw so it's a bit unfair to compare him to Plummer.
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