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Originally Posted by Kid A View Post
Don't agree with some of that, but that wasn't even what we were talking about. I was discussing the fans on this board in regards to your original premise that Tebow critics want the team to lose while Tebow fans (and outspoken critics of the FO & coaching staff) want the team to win. It's BS.

Anyone on this board for more than a few years has taken critical stances against some player or coach or executive, often a very strong one accompanied by snide remarks. Has nothing to do with how strongly they want the Broncos to come out on top that Sunday. SoCal hates Bowlen, Kaylor started a snarky thread about Tebow's performance against KC; I don't think any reasonable person here thinks either will secretly be happy if we get run over by the Steelers.
The reason I mentioned the press is because they have an effect on the way that people think about these situations. Tebow, despite having to overcome difficult mitigating circumstances all around, has been held to an unusual amount of public scrutiny. Among fans, and in both the local and national press.

You can talk about Tebow possibly not making it in the league, but thats not what a lot of this talk is on this site. Its not the usual "the young guy needs to get up to speed" talk. Its the "I want us to lose so we can kick the young guy out before he gets a complete shot to be a player on this team" talk. There is a much different timbre.
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