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Originally Posted by sirhcyennek81 View Post
If the minimum for building a talent base is three years, 2014 would be the year fans could reasonably expect to field a championship-caliber roster. Having to draft a rookie (possibly) in 2013 does not change that timeline that drastically, if at all. Of course Tebow could be the guy, in which case that 1st round 2013 pick can be used elsewhere to actually get us closer that much sooner.

Its amusing to me because some of the rational I have seen around here about dumping Tebow would have to apply to nearly every franchise QB who struggled his first two seasons. It's almost like the thinking has set in that we were not 4-12 a year ago. We are talent deficient at several key spots and have filled in the holes with relative NFL babies. This season has born that out. Some games are good, some games are horrible.

Very well put.
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