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Originally Posted by sirhcyennek81 View Post
I think he reads them just fine. I think his issue is constantly being told to not throw interceptions. Overthinking = hesitation. Young players do this. Its part of the curve.

And I state this because there are games (Minnesota, Chicago) where his reading of the defense was not an issue. He made the right reads and hit the throw. Anyone who blatantly says he "can't" read defenses and never will are talking out of their ass. He has done it. The issue of late is he is thinking too much about where to put the ball. An offseason working with the coaches, Elway and his offense should fix that. If it doesnt, then we know it and we can go in a different direction in 2013.

Wich then means 2014 because we need to give that rookie a year or two to develope. At least draft a QB and at worse we can trade one for picks later no matter who we end up with.
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