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Originally Posted by Kid A View Post
Well, then all the same arguments apply for every "McCoy sucks" thread too: we made the playoffs in his first year here, with a mid-season offense change, he may not last but just enjoy it, etc. But I don't see anyone saying those threads are against the spirit of being a Broncos fan during a playoff week.

And they aren't. Neither are the "we need a new QB" threads. It's a discussion board, and given our ugly 3 game losing streak, it's to be expected that people want to talk about the major question marks they see. People were talking about and questioning Plummer's long term prognosis in the middle of the 05 run too - and with good cause, as it turned out. Rare is the time you'll root for a team that isn't deeply flawed in some area, so I think it's fair to assume most fans can be excited for a playoff game AND look ahead to the eminent offseason.
Plummer and Cutler both were given a grace period in the press. Plummer in part becaue he led the team to the playoffs and was noted as a team leader.

The press was on Tebow's case from day one. Not just the national press, but the Denver press. Cutler because fans looked beyond his mopey attitude because he can throw the ball far.
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