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I wonder if some of his disciples will be able to go on when/if he gets cut.
Don't you get it? We've been told that for years. We've lived the reality that he supposedly doesn't measure up since forever. We were told he wouldn't be drafted, and we made our peace with that. We were told he'd never stop holding a clipboard.

We always knew that if he got a chance, it would be a tough road to hold down a job in the NFL. Ask Griese. Ask Leinart. As David Carr. Ask Joey Harrington.

We've lived with plenty of defeat with Tim Tebow. We're quite aware he doesn't always win, and doesn't always play like the best player.

You should ask yourself, what is it about the guy that inspires people? That makes them feel loyal, and connected. Look for the best in people. Don't assume its a bunch of snake-handlers that like his Christianity. Please. There have been hundreds before him like that.

I submit to you that everything about rooting for Tim Tebow is good. And despite what you think, people above the age of 12 know this sport ends with a lot of disappointment.

That's the human spirit -- it roots on when there's something to go on, knowing it might not work out. But you fight the fight anyway.

And it's been fun already.
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