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I hate anything and anybody who is hurting our team or has a negative effect on our chances to hoist another lombardi. The kid has heart and drive, but he wasn't ready and isn't ready, and IMO will never pan out. If I'm wrong, it wont be the first time nor the last, and my life will go on.

I wonder if some of his disciples will be able to go on when/if he gets cut.
If Tebow bombs I am going to be seriously livid... because it didn't have to be this way. If Tebow had the time to develop like any other QB like Bradford or Cam he would be just fine.. people don't understand that Tebow dominated every level with raw unpolished ability... so when they see him and he looks worse than bad QBs they assume it's because he just sucks.. no.. it's because he never had to change to be successful.. that is something incredible not something to assume he stinks. Then when he got in the NFL they tried to change everything over night and won't let him do the one thing he needs - simply get real playing time in a NFL system.

I really think Tebow might have been better off ig he played in the Canadian league just so he could develop in a NFL offense.. if he had it to do over I bet he goes to Alabama and comes up in a pro style offense.. he would have likely been received totally differently and exploded coming into the NFL rather than in college.
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