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Au contraire Epic. A Bronco fan is someone who wants the team to win. Wants the entire team, coaching staff, fans and city to win a championship. They don't salivate over one player, and blame everyone on the team but that player when he doesn't do well. If I think for a moment Tebow is a negative for the team, and that he has no chance to redeem this team in the future, I will turn on him in a heartbeat, even if I like the kid in general. And I am getting close.

What irritates me is when fans blindly ignore the obvious because they are so enamored with a QB. I've seen it with every QB since Elway. I was high on most of our QBs until they were not going to pan out. I was on Tebow's bandwagon big time, and wanted Orton gone. Now I want a new solution, because I am thinking Tebow is not our answer. Because I want the team to win. The Broncos. This isn't the Denver Tebows. I am a huge fan, and have been since before Elway took a snap, and I'll continue to support the TEAM.
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