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I really hadn't commented too much on this, because I wanted to see how it played out. I thought the "magic" angle was overstated for several reasons. "Magic" implies an improbable win under unusual circumstances. But all the Bronco wins were exactly the same game! It went like this:

1. Broncs play team with losing record, are offensively challenged like themselves, have a rookie qb, or five dbs out with injury.

2. Defense plays lights out.

3. Tebow runs base offense with option to run. Gains large yardage sporadically. Running backs bust big runs at crucial times. Passes are either soft spirals or wobbly ducks (in no particular order). Hits completely wide open recievers with no adjustments to be made.

4. Opposing defenses back off in fourth quarter, leaving large areas of the field for Tim to roam or run. They no longer contain on the edges and play 10-20 yards off.

5. The so called "magic" begins when the offense suddenly and miraculously moves, after bumbling and stumbling for 55 minutes. Opposing defenses suddenly decide to defend the pass, despite the fact Tim will run for short yardage on key gains.

6. Score is close, a touchdown or less. Big runback is optional, putting Broncos in place for a "comeback."

7. Cameras are deliberately on Tebow for long periods of time between series, or when he's praying or kneeling.

8. We get the standardized cliches about "Tebow Time" and the goobers in the third deck waving signs.

9. Broncos score, pull out narrow win.

9a. Press conference has a Tim giving standard bland comments with no depth or insight as to how he really feels.

10. Skip Bayless will shriek the following day on "ESPN's First Take" and try to shout down Steven A. Smith.

11. Trent Dilfer will pump and praise Tim (curiously, a lot of the same things were said about him although he was a better qb).


1. Broncos play team with legitimate qb and offense.
2. Tim turns ball over and fumbles.
3. Defense can't keep up (minus a certain team captain)
4. Broncos get blown out.

So really, they have no margin for error...they either win extremely close games or get totally blown out. You can't trust a team like this in the playoffs. Based on post game comments, it almost feels like the players already know they have no chance. It ain't like back in the day!
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