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Originally Posted by gunns View Post
Tebow doesn't have the line GB does but I've seen them hold forever while Tebow is back there as indecisive as ever.
This is a perfect illustration of why you can't go by LOOKS.

That DEFENSIVE line is "holding" so long because that is what they have been coached to do.. Tebow's mobility and running ability forces the D line to try to contain Tebow. But then what they do is attack him when he is forced to pass. It's really just a kind of delayed blitz. All it does is make Tebow's offensive line LOOK much better than it is. If it was a normal passing QB they would have just attacked immediately and gotten the quick sack.

At times I thought he was going to hold that ball and never let go. That isn't the line, the WR's, the playcalling. That's Tebow.
It's caused by the lack of aggression.. running every down with ineffective runners... telling your Qb not to risk interceptions as all cost. cutting the playbook down because you aren't making any kind of risky passes.

They basically just don't let Tebow play QB until they are down 2 TDs or it's the end of the 4th quarter.. how can people not see this?

It's also why the Broncos D look much better than it is.. it's a gimmick.. run the ball all the time and punt the opposing offense deep in their own territory every time.

Makes your d look much better at the expense of your own O.. makes opposing Os look bad too.

It's like a slow down low post defensive battle in basketball. Like Popovich in the NBA.
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