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Matt Flynn? You are nuts man.. put Tebow in Greenbay's offense he would be unstoppable..

He would probably win more than Rodgers.. but he would still do it ugly so people would doubt him just like everyone is doubting him now.

You gyts are too consumed with "looks".

If Tebow has a real coach that understands offense those couple plays here and there would have been the difference in the game...

It's amazing Tebow was as successful as he was with Fox's weighing him down. He could only do it for so long. He's playing opposing defenses with no help.

If you want to see a carbon copy of this go look back at Dirk Nowitzkis career in the NBA. He had a terrible coach in Avery Johnson that had no idea howto coach offense and he drove Dirk into the ground and had him lose to the Golden State warriors in the first round of the playoffs. Then Dirk wins a championship with a coach that actually knows what he is doing.

You have this incredibly innovative player and Fox has no idea how to adapt to him. Tebow adapted to Fox because of his great running ability.
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