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Originally Posted by StugotsIII View Post
He cannot be the future QB…

If the coaching staff is afraid to let him throw…he cannot be the answer.
The ONLY reason they have been able to get away with that is because Tebow makes the running game so dominant.

IF Fox couldn't rely on the run game and win games with Tebow he would be forced to let him pass. It's like a crutch and they can't let it go now.

There is a way to solve this problem though.. Get some decent running backs. McGahee was decent when he was healthy but he isn't reliable. Beyond him there is no depth.

Put some great runners with Tebow and teams would not be able to stop the run game without opening the pass game allowing Tebow to throw.

If you watch in these last couple games McGahee had big holes and couldn't punish teams like he did earlier in the season. He's gimpy.

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