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Please. Tebow has been under scrutiny and pressure since he was in high school. He didn't all of a sudden get soft and lose his confidence. And he seemed fine until 3 weeks ago. You need to come up with a better theory.
My theory is that Fox probably tells Tebow 17 thousand times: "Don't throw interceptions! Don't turn the ball over. Don't do this. Don't do that. DON'T! DON'T! DON'T!"

Tebow is just trying to do what the coaches tell him to do...or rather DON'T.

So he second guesses everything. He's over-analyzing everything instead of just playing with reckless abandon...which was working up until the NE game.

Sure, Tebow is the one out there not executing. But he doesn't draw up the game plans or come up with the list of Do's & Dont's that Fox harps on all week long in practice.
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