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Originally Posted by vonqkilla View Post
No bubble screens, no rb screens, and our qb has tunnel vision.

We got lucky Bowe went out, kept it close.

But there is no fing excuse for calling a toss sweep on 3rd and 7 down 4 w/ 6 mins.

If you dont trust him, get him the fk outta there.
He still sells tickets. Quinn will not sell tickets. Nor win any more than Tebow is. Tebow is very limited, but we are working with a hand dealt to us by Mcdaniels, there is not much we can do but roll with it. Personally, I think the coaching staff has done an outstanding job getting us into the playoffs with what we have. Massive improvements on defense and special teams (why people berate our coaches and ignore this, baffles me), and for many weeks, using Tebow to the best of his ability to win some games.

Mark my words - if we have a chance to get any of the top 3 qbs in the draft, Elway will jump at the chance. And it won't be a bad move by the team.
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