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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
It's not the playcalling, WRs and so on.

This is a pattern with Tebow. Against good quality DBs he's very hesitant to throw the ball. Against crappy DBs where our WRs get great seperation Tebow looks good like any other QB.

Against decent CBs, not so much.

So let's stop blaming the WRs, playcalling and so on. Tebow just played poorly and failed to elevate his game in the 4th largely due to KC having nothing to lose and playing tight coverage all game long instead of going into prevent mode.

Like I've been saying since he took over as starter. He's going to develop and it's going to take time. One/two seasons isn't enough, it's going to be a while but there's enough there for him to come back and deserve a fair shot at the job in 2012.
Spot on.
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