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You guys, fear not because Agamemnon already provided us with a bullet-proof theorem on why Tebow is, in fact, a good QB:

#1) You can not measure Tim Tebow in stats. So, anytime he's like, say, 4/14 for 43 yds in the 4th quarter of a huge game, fear not. Anytime he throws like 4 INT's in a game, fear not. Why? Because all those "stats" are meaningless.

#2) You can't compare Tim Tebow to another QB unless that QB is on the same team as Tim Tebow. "Hey guys isn't it funny that Tim Tebow is actually a statistically worse QB than Alex Smith? Maybe the team's success, like the 49'ers, is all about the team's defense?" NO SIR, your argument is irrelevant because Alex Smith is, in fact, on a different team. You can only compare Tebow to Brady Quinn or some other hapless shmuck on the bench.
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