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Originally Posted by fontaine
I hear that, I'm also into a lot of "scandanavian" rock/metal. One of my favs at the moment is a punk rock band called Millencolin. They've been around forever, but their latest album, "Home from Home" is amazing. I would describe them as a better version than the Hives with more detailed riffs and edgier. Sorry, I don't play any instrument so that's the best I can do! Send me a pm if you want one of their mp3s for a looksie.
Heard of Millencolin, but I'm into a lot of punk rock. I have a cousin who is and that's how I heard of them, but never listened to their music. I'll probably get curious and download it off the internet to hear it, but not sure I'll like it if it's punk rock.

Oh yeah, and spineshank kicks ass also. That's another metal type band I've been into for over 3 years now. The lead singer recently left the band, but they are going through auditions right now, so they won't be breaking up and will still be spineshank, just with a new lead singer.
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