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Re: Neck Pony Nation!!!

I read that article and almost posted it ames.

There are some fundamental leftist flaws and ommisions in the piece or I would of posted it, most notably the total neglect of the fact that Europe and North America have essentially achieved zero population growth.

Of course population control is not ever mentioned. Also ignored is the vast amout of goods that are exported to other "less developed" countries.

Of course there are limits to growth, but if you took a test, 8 out of 10 college students probably couldn't tell you who Malthus even was, yet alone debate his views.

We still have a window to adapt, but only for awhile, thru efficiency and the use of new energy technology I believe is being hidden from us by big oil.

Population has to be controlled, if that is achieved, I believe that we can keep advancing technology. If population continues at its present rate, a world war is almost inevitable as natural resources will trigger agression, just as it did in Japan, only in a exponential scale.
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