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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Hogan11
I will check in to Scheer Fontaine, thanks for the reference...I've never heard of them before.

Funny thing about Kinks tunes IMO is that they make for even better covers...I like The Kinks and all, but I'm hard pressed to think of another artist who's covers by others are better than the originals...of course, that's just my opinion.

i like beatles' song done by most anyone But the beatles - ie - type o's v. of daytripper
I think the best cover versions of Beatles songs I ever heard were done by Cheap Trick.

I have several versions that are just godawful...I use them for torture at times Hard to say what the worst one is that I have...but I think it would be "You Won't See Me" by The Godz on Godz 2. Chances are good that no one here has or has even heard of this record or band. They were brutal, they couldn't play a lick and made no bones about it. I'd only recommend it to someone who actually likes things like The Shaggs, James Chance, No Wave in general or Lou Reed's Metal Machine other's lease breaking/annoy the neighbors type stuff.
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