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I agree the defensive game plan was the dumbest game plan to go against Brady with. You have to pressure Brady that was the key in everyone of his losses. Fox knows no bounds when it comes to holding Tebow back. They are using both the offense as well as the defense to shut Tebow down. This is crazy.

Miller 8 tackles and 2 sacks per game average in last four games.

Doom 4 sacks with 5 tackles per game average the last three games.

What projected to be 13 tackles and 3 sacks, emerged as only 3 tackles and one sack combined against NE. DJ had two sacks last week.

Detroit was the last time these two came away without a sack in a game, go figure...

The ultra-conservative tack is killing the Time of possession factor as well.

Broncos TOP factor is virtually the legnth of a quarter behind the opponent the past three games.

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1. McCoy didn't adjust to Cunningham bringing in blitzes the entire first half. We failed to go into max protect, even when it was clear Franklin/Beadles were getting overwhelmed.

2. On the fumble that led to Detroit recovering for a TD it was Franklin who allowed his guy to get past him and ofcourse, the revolving door we have in Beadles that completely whiffed on his block allowing the defender to get a clear shot at Tebow.

3. Yet no screens, delayed hand offs, TEs flaring out into the zones left by blitzers for a quick easy pass, no shallow crossing routes when the middle was empty because LBs/Safeties were blitzing. McCoy went Mike Martz. Go for the longer developing plays to Decker/Thomas along the sidelines and expect a young QB to stay in the pocket and take hits to complete those longer passes. That is a$$ and typical Mike Martz type of crap.

4. I didn't see (could be wrong) any designed rollouts, bootlegs, or stretch plays where Tebow rolls one way and the RB goes the other. All plays that are DESIGNED to take advantage of an over aggressive front 7 bringing the house on blitzes.

5. No quick passes to WRs at the line until 4-5 minutes left in the game where our bigger WRs like Decker/Thomas could run over defenders. Again plays that are designed to take advantage of defenders stacking the middle.

I'm not saying all of this is on McCoy, Tebow had some bad passes and the OL had it's worst performance all year. But the job of the OC is to counter an over aggressive defense.

McCoy failed to do that.
When are you guys going to wake up and smell the coffee?

The Tebow experiment? This is ludicrous statement. Is Tebow a girl? Was a he a RB in college? A WR? Hearing Experiment you would not know that this guy won a heisman and two national championships as a QB. How whacked can you get. Can you desparage tebow anymore than claiming the endeavor to have him on a team is an experiment. That is such a pathetic view, weak and clueless one at that.

You guys mean to tell me that you believe Tebow being on a leash for 3 quarters is not sabotaging this team, sabotaging Tebow? Only a fool would believe that.

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