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Originally Posted by Broncomutt View Post
Oberyn, really? Won't question a person's opinion, but he's kind of a secondary character until the duel, and then...

But I do remember reading that chapter 3x over before moving on, my jaw just hit the floor. A Storm of Swords was definitely my favorite of the 5 books.

Unfortunately, if he keeps with containing the stories geographically rather than chronologically, looks like we're in for alot of Sansa in the next one. Just hopes he gives a clue to the fate of my 2nd favorite character, the Lord Commander. Did not like the way ADWD ended. Et tu Brute?!

Just bought a copy of The Hedge Knight today too.
Absolutely Oberyn. Secondary character and all.

I DID like the way it ended. That air of mystique and never feeling that the characters are safe certainly set the story apart from others.

Storm of Swords was my favorite too. Too many monster events and jaw dropping moments, imo.
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