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Originally Posted by DenFan38
Never a RATM fan, although SOAD kicks ass.

Obivously by my sig I'm a big time Mudvayne fan, and love the hometown metal band of Mushroom Head as well.

A perfect circle, while not metal to me, is beautiful, anything Maynard graces is beautiful to me though but I do suggest checking out their 2 CD's.

Rammstein is very good, I like a lot of European metal like that, there's a few others from Norway and Sweden that are right up there with Rammstein. I'm still a big Korn fan and have been for a long while.

I listen ot a lot of music, if it's rock/hard rock/metal then I'm sure I'll like it.
I hear that, I'm also into a lot of "scandanavian" rock/metal. One of my favs at the moment is a punk rock band called Millencolin. They've been around forever, but their latest album, "Home from Home" is amazing. I would describe them as a better version than the Hives with more detailed riffs and edgier. Sorry, I don't play any instrument so that's the best I can do! Send me a pm if you want one of their mp3s for a looksie.

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