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Originally Posted by fontaine
What sort of metal are you into?

I enjoy listening to Rammstein lately. Some of their stuff can be over the top but a good listen nonetheless. I've always like RATM but I guess they've split now. I'm getting into System of Down though, especially some of the frenetic stuff they play. I've been meaning to listen more of Perfect Circle but having gotten into it yet.
Never a RATM fan, although SOAD kicks ass.

Obivously by my sig I'm a big time Mudvayne fan, and love the hometown metal band of Mushroom Head as well.

A perfect circle, while not metal to me, is beautiful, anything Maynard graces is beautiful to me though but I do suggest checking out their 2 CD's.

Rammstein is very good, I like a lot of European metal like that, there's a few others from Norway and Sweden that are right up there with Rammstein. I'm still a big Korn fan and have been for a long while.

I listen ot a lot of music, if it's rock/hard rock/metal then I'm sure I'll like it.
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