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Wes Welker

"Isaac, You know what they can't measure on the stats sheet? Jesus." Okay that was pretty funny. I hadn't listened to the podcasts before last week, but they are really fascinating, both fun and smart analysis from my perspective. My technical knowledge is limited so I really appreciate listening to you guys. Thank you.

Oh and Kahn, my one and only current faux OM hubby how come SoCal gives me a shout out? (BTW SoCal thank you very nice). I suppose you could be distracted by the birth of wife #1's baby so I can forgive. Though for the record, I agree with the person who mentioned Amy should you upside the head. in fact I think she should do it at least twice for good measure. Poor woman is about to go through the "Birth of Kahn II: Mind your head, ceiling is low and head is large" Seriously though, congrats my friend. Hope everyone is happy and well and please do spoil the lovely mommy and baby Kuper a lot.

And again all of you very good show. I am going to go back and listen to the rest of the podcasts too. Thank you again.

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