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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Powderaddict View Post
If you look at the "footprint", the size of the new stadium compared to the old, the new stadium takes up a bit more "volume", which dilutes the noise a bit. But when the new stadium is rocking, it's really ROCKING. It's just that the old stadium was that way all the time.
There's no way to get the old Mile High back. This is why I don't call SPAF Mile High; Because it isn't. Mile high being built cheaply and over time was what made it so ridiculous.

I remember sitting on the third level in a few games and the stadium literally felt like it was going to collapse when the opponents were on the field and it was third down. The south stands, where I watched the 99 Dolphins playoff rematch, was the biggest bunch of roughnecks you've ever seen. Like rabidly insane. And the rock pile was hilarious. It was like someone dumped an old high school bleacher on the lawn of the stadium.

Mile High was loud, it was unstable, it was cheap and it had so much character. That's not something we can or should try to recreate, IMO. I do like SPAF and this is probably because I don't try to compare it to Mile High or wish that it was. I like it because its where my Denver Broncos play football. Hopefully Tebow and a front office that at least appear to draft top picks better will help revitalize the fan base and pack the seats with real, loud fans
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