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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Now this I buy. The stadium's loudness isn't a structural problem. I mean sure, nothing will compare to <s>Bears Stadium</s> Mile High, which was built piecemeal out of steel and aluminum over several decades creating rickety, reverberating tin can of awesome. However the loudness can still be deafening.

I was at our last playoff win versus the Patriots. The stadium was incredible. Brady had four or five procedure penalties due to the noise alone. Both teams said it was one of the loudest games they've been in.

I think mediocre to just plain bad teams coupled with an economy where people would rather sell their tickets at a premium to opposing fans rather than watch a team lose, and price points that force out the blue collar fan lend to a quieter, less supportive crowd.
I still contend that the only games where the TV cameras shake (even now) is during Broncos games.
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