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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
I still hate the architect who designed Mile High's replacement. Not a single decision in its design was made with crowd noise in mind. It was built to be comfortable, and nothing else. And when you factor in all the out-of-staters who have moved to Denver and frequent Bronco games to see visiting teams, and the luxury box douchebags, there's just no way to replicate the noise of Mile High. Hell when I've gone to games I've been struck at how much effort it takes from everyone to keep the stadium noisy as it seems to actually swallow the noise up, when the old stadium actively amplified whatever noise was there. Terrible acoustics. Absolutely terrible.
This is actually false. It was built out of galvanized steel and intentionally created to rumble when the stomping begins. It does do this and it is very loud. It's not "Mile High" loud, but it is still considered one of the loudest in the NFL. It was built for comfort, but I challenge you to list a "comfortable" feature and explain how that is negatively affecting crowd noise. I can't find the article, but someone ranked the stadiums by loudness and we were in the top five. Seattle being number 1.

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