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Originally Posted by Bronx33 View Post
I don't know how many games i saw as a kid at mile high but i was there with my old man back in 77 ( he had season tickets) we will never recreate that atmosphere i witnessed back then. Mile high had a ambiance about it the fans formed as one giant fan you couldn't even hear each other talk on defensive stands if you weren't standing up screaming somebody told you to stand up.

Now i have heard the new place rock but nothing like mile high it was something to see and hear i will never forget those days.
Yeah, that's a lot to ask but seriously, when I'm in the stands these days (I can go regularly but it irritates me to be there like this.) I get more pissed at the fans around me BS'n than they are focused on the game. When we're on D, we need to be loud. We use to be a factor and frankly, now we're not. The only element for opposing teams now is that they have to live in a transient locker room for a few quarters and travel. It use to be a lot more. GB, NYG, Raid, KC (even though they suck), Chicago.....while there are more we're not in the top 5. Our fan base isn't the 12th player any more. It's sad.
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