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Originally Posted by Blueflame View Post
OK... I referenced "impotent sputtering" with a clear meaning that his outrage would yield nothing of value. It's a huge stretch to suggest that the intent behind my words was in any way a commentary on the Rev's virility. If he happens to have a problem with ED, I do not want to know about it.

And if I "regularly reference impotence as a reverse insult" then surely you can provide a second example of it.

You might have a point if I'd told him to go and buy some Rogaine (which would be an insult based solely on gender).

Regardless, clearly my comment offended, so I apologize.
Honestly, I wasn't offended at all. It's just an interesting choice of words from a gender opposite/moderator. Interestingly enough, Rogaine is used by both men and women because hair loss is gender neutral.
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