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Dan Marino's single season record of 5,084 passing yards, set in 1984, is almost sure to go down this year.

I know it's a different league, with different rules, but it's still interesting to see a record that has stood for 27 years ready to be erased.

5,084 yards in 16 games is 317.75 yards passing per game.

There are 4 QBs who can challenge that this year.

All 4 QBs have 3 games left to play, if they stay healthy.

Drew Brees has 4,368 yards passing....336 yard per game. On pace for 5,376 yard passing. To beat Dan Marino's record, Brees will only have to average 239 yards passing per game (717 yards/3 games).

Tom Brady isn't far behind. Brady has 4,273 yards passing....329 yards per game. On pace for 5,260 yards. To beat Dan Marino's record, Brady will only have to average 271 yards passing per game (813 yards/3 games).

The other 2 QBs who have a shot are:

Aaron Rodgers with 4,125 yards....but I think they will sit him for a few quarters down the stretch if they have their games in hand.

Eli Manning is slightly under Dan Marino's pace, with 4,105 yards (316 yards per game). He may have a shot, but either Drew Brees or Tom Brady will probably hold the record at the end of the year.

I guess I wouldn't mind seeing Drew Brees own the record....he was very close in 2008 with 5,069 yards and would then have 2 seasons with over 5,000 yards passing.
I miss the days of balanced offense...
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