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Kush & Irsay

Originally Posted by Boobs McGee View Post

KC is hot garbage.

Absolute embarrass.

Kcstud, wheres your **** talking clown ass now? You guys are the second worst team in the NFL, and dirty Sanchez / Greene is making your "all world defense" look like chumps.

Your coach is a mark ass trick, your rb's are worthless, your receivers are some of the ****tiest I've seen (urban just caught a td, congratulations on getting into double digits), and your redneck backwoods mullet sporting cousin ****ing inbred hilbilly fanbase is so full of fail that britney spears ex husband feels sorry for you.

Oh, and ps, my left nut has more talent than your kicker.

Fu KC.

And fu to all of you cantankerous trolls that clog our board with worthless takes.

Any **** talking you're going to even THINK about retorting it. The jets already mailed this one in, you have no leg to stand on.

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